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Captive Programs

Alternative Risk Financing now makes up over 50% of the insurance marketplace. We believe this is a trend that will continue, and likely accelerate, for the best risks into the next decade.

Captive programs allow you to:

  1. Control your premiums – premiums are based exclusively on your own losses
  2. Control your claims – you are in charge of selecting counsel and whether to fight or settle
  3. Control your long term costs – you keep the underwriting profits and interest, not the insurance company

The best businesses today spend significant resources on; safety, loss control, claims management, training and risk mitigation. If you are in the traditional insurance marketplace, the return on those investments is realized primarily by the insurance company, not you. On the contrary, if you have a bad claims year, you know how the renewal discussion is going to go.

All captives, and all captive brokers, are not created equal. Our Captive Solutions Group has helped save millions of dollars in premiums for clients in all industries. We have an experienced team dedicated to helping analyze if a captive is right for you and, if so, which captive is the best fit. Don’t train your broker on captive insurance – hire proven professionals.