Enterprise Risk Management

Comprehensive Approach to Manage Enterprise Risk More Effectively

In addition to the conventional risk management services offered at AssuredPartners of Missouri, we specialize in providing innovative enterprise risk management solutions that span your entire organization and lessen the probability that unanticipated events will negatively impact your company’s performance.

With Standard & Poor’s in the process of adding ERM assessments to their credit rating process, we’re poised to help you integrate your entire organization into the risk identification and risk management process. Working with you, we establish sustainable reporting and performance monitoring processes that allow senior management to accurately anticipate and respond swiftly to change.

Specifically, AssuredPartners of Missouri’ ERM team helps optimize organizational performance by:

  • Reducing the probability that unanticipated events will impact your future performance
  • Integrating your entire organization into the exposure identification and risk management process
  • Introducing effective risk management practices to mitigate risk where appropriate
    Protecting against insurable risk in a consistent and cost-effective manner
  • Developing alternative insurance or financing mechanisms to allocate the cost of risk where uninsurable, or where the risk is handled more effectively than through traditional insurance
  • Providing critical information for your ongoing performance management, strategic planning and capital allocation processes
  • Establishing sustainable reporting and monitoring processes for senior executives and boards of directors

Our approach is focused on identifying organization-wide risk exposures, developing and implementing risk mitigation plans, addressing performance and compliance issues, and optimizing organizational performance.